Buddhism in the Modern World
Buddhism in the Modern World
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  • Cilt Durumu:Karton Kapak
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"There are many books on Buddhism and to produce a new one almost demands an apology. Yet most of them deal with the dead past and Buddhism is a living religion which is showing remarkable powers of revival and adaptation. This is a movement of so great significance that I hope this small volume may prove of value not only to missionaries but to all sympathetic students of a religion which has played an immense part in the world's histor y and which is still a dominant influence in the lives of scores of millions. During twelve years of somewhat intimate study of Buddhist countries I have found that while there is much that is degenerate there is much that is very noble and the object of this little book is to estimate the living forces of the religion rather than to emphasise its weaknesses. It is at once more scientific and more worth while to look at the strong than at the weak points of a religion and there is an increasing school of missionar y thought which believes in building the Christian Church of Asia upon the great foundations laid through so many centuries. Not only is it true that God has not left Himself without a witness amongst these peoples; it is even truer that during the long and on the whole noble histor y of the expansion of Buddhism His Spirit has been at work. I am convinced that any who really study this remarkable chapter in human history will come to this conclusion if they have any belief whatsoever in a meaning in histor y and in a Divine Providence."

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