Religions of Ancient China
Religions of Ancient China
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"Philosophical Theor y of the Universe. The problem of the universe has never offered the slightest difficulty to Chine­se philosophers. Before the beginning of all things there was Nothing. In the lapse of ages Nothing coalesced into Unity the Great Monad. After more ages the Great Monad separated into Duality the Male and Female Principles in nature; and then by a process of biogenesis the visible universe was produced. Popular Cosmogeny. An addition however to this simple system had to be made in deference to and on a plane with the intelligence of the masses. According to this the Male and Female Principles were each subdivided into Greater and Lesser and then from the interaction of these four agencies a being named P'an Ku came into existence. He seems to have come into life endowed with perfect knowledge and his function was to set the economy of the universe in order. He is often depicted as wielding a huge adze and engaged in constructing the world. With his death the details of creation began. His breath became the wind; his voice the thunder; his left eye the sun; his right eye the moon; his blood flowed in rivers; his hair grew into trees and plants; his flesh became the soil; his sweat descended as rain; while the para­sites which infested his body were the origin of the human race."

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