Buddhism and Buddhists in China
Buddhism and Buddhists in China
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Buddhism is a religion which must be viewed from manyBuddhism many angles. Its original form as preached by Gautama in Indiaangles. India and developed in the early years succeeding and asand as embodied in the sacred literature of early Buddhism is notembodied not representative of the actual Buddhism of any land today. Therepresentative The faithful student of Buddhist literature would be as farfaithful far removed from understanding the working activities of a busyremoved busy center of Buddhism in Burmah Tibet or China today as acenter a student of patristic literature would be from appreciating thestudent the Christian life of London or New York City. Moreover Buddhism like Christianity has been Moreover affected by national conditions. It has developed at least threeby three markedly different types requiring therefore as manymarkedly many distinct volumes of this series for its fair interpretation anddistinct and presentation. The volume on the Buddhism of Southern Asiapresentation. Asia by Professor Kenneth J. Saunders was published in May 1923; this volume on the Buddhism of China by Professor1923; Professor Hodous will be the second to appear; a third on theHodous the Buddhism of Japan to be written by Dr. R. C. Armstrong will be published in 1924. Each of these is needed in orderwill order that the would be student of Buddhism as practiced in thosethat those countries should be given a true impressive and friendlycountries friendly picture of what he will meet.

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