Reviews in Social, Human and Administrative Sciences, May
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The Topics İn The Book As Follows ;
The Evaluation Of Burnout And Big Five Personality Traits Of Airlines Pilots
The Effect Of Festivals From Alternative Tourism Types In Destination Image And Its Contribution To The Region: Sample Of Ayvalik International Disabled Festival
The Gastrodiplomacy Model Defined Within The Scope Of International Public Relations: The Case Of Turkey
Globalization And Redefining Intellectual Property Rights In The Entertainment Industry With Emphasis On Cgi Based Digital Advertising
Digitalization Of Identity In The Context Of Goffman's Self-Presentation Theory
Proxy Relations In The Context Of Competition Cooperation And Conflict: Lebanon
Analyzing Determinants Of Financial Dollarization In Turkey
The Influence Of Socio-Cultural And Idols On Women's Clothing (Pants Sample)
The Importance Of Innovative Public Management And  Workforce Planning
The Effect Of Transformer Leadership On Leader-Member Interaction Job Satisfaction And Job Performance
Essential Variable In Security  Studies: Identity And Security Of Identity
Interpersonal Conflict And Psychological - Physical Stress Symptoms Of Turkish Employees: The Moderating Roles Of Psychological Capital And Conflict Management Styles
The Effect Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The Income Of Borsa Istanbul Tourism Sector
Does Risk Management Pay Off? Improving Portfolio Returns In Borsa Istanbul Via Tail Hedging Using Options
Spherical Fuzzy Topsis Method And Its Application On Group Decision Making In A Renewable Energy Problem
Creating A Strong Business Building A Better World: Corporate Social Responsibility In Turkey
Predictors Of Utilization Of Dental Care Services And Cost Barriers To Dental Care
Investigating The Validity Of Pollution Haven Hypothesis For Turkey For The Era Of 1970-2016
Argument From Ignorance For External World Skeptıcism
Turkish Services Exporters Association Service Period Years Inbetween 2016-2019:  An Evaluation Of Cargo Transport
The Key Factor For Organizations: Happiness For Happiness
Multiculturalism In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club And Sandra Cisneros' Caramelo
Forecasting Foreign Trade Flow Of Turkey In Terms Of Geographical Country Groups With Hierarchical Time Series Approaches
The Role Of Homeless Shelters In Homeless Individuals' Social Life: Istanbul Sample
Adaptation Trend In Turkish Tv Series: The Example Of "Masumlar Apartmani"
Bibliometric Analysis Of Articles Published On Management Accounting Published  Between The Years 1980 To 2020 
Using Six Sigma And Capability Maturity Model Integration Approaches Together To Improve The Business Performance In The Strategic Level
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