European Islamaphobia Report 2017
European Islamaphobia Report 2017
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This is the third issue of the annual European Islamophobia Report (EIR) consisting of an overall evaluation of Islamophobia in Europe in the year 2017 as well as 34 country reports which include almost all EU member states and additional countries such as Russia and Norway. This year's EIR represents the work of 42 prominent scholars and civil society activists from various European countries.
The denial of the very existence of Islamophobia/anti-Muslim racism/anti-Muslim hate crime in Europe by many demonstrates the need for an appropriate effort and political will to tackle this normalized racism and its manifestations that are deeply entrenched in European societies institutions and states.
This denial is not only the case for extremist groups on the political fringe of the society but rather far-right discourses have moved to the center of political power. Consequently it is not only right-wing extremist groups that rely on the means of Islamophobic propaganda and discourse - social democrats liberals leftists or conservatives are no longer immune to this form of racism.
As a survey published by the FRA reveals 76% of Muslim respondents feel strongly attached to the country they live in while 31% of those seeking work have been discriminated against in the last five years. At the same time only 12% of Muslims say they have reported cases of discrimination. Hence we can say with certainty that the extent of discrimination Muslims face in Europe is much greater than the numbers revealed in any report on Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime in Europe.
In other words one can claim that all the available data and statistics about Islamophobia in Europe show only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore revealing the comprehensiveness of structural anti-Muslim racism lies at the heart of the European Islamophobia Report project which on a yearly basis analyzes the trends and developments in almost all states in Europe from Russia to Portugal and Malta to Norway..
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