Ottoman Historians and Historiography
Ottoman Historians and Historiography
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Ottoman historians also shared a common attribute as social critics never shirking their perceived duty to protect the sultan's reputation by condemning the misdeeds of wrongdoers and contraveners of the best traditions of ethical behavior and good governance even when these misdeeds issued from the top ranks of Ottoman society. For them corporate or class solidarity was far less important than an unswerving commitment to shared values and principles and a reformist spirit is clearly detectible in their writing. It is clear that in addition to their devotion to literary pursuits and achievements Ottoman historians took their advisory role very seriously.

This collection of essays is presented in the hope that it will contribute to a better understanding of the unique blend of praise eulogy and panegyric with hard-hitting social criticism realism and reformist ideals that typifies the Ottoman historical opus. It is offered not as a definitive or would-be authoritative statement on a subject as boundless and many faceted as Ottoman historical thought but with the desire to stimulate further reflection and to serve as a potential source of inspiration for future generations of students pursuing new lines of inquiry into the thought world and spiritual essence of the Ottomans in a bygone imperial age.
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